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To ensure compliance, all projects must be affiliated with South Dakota Mines and have an approved fund/account to which donations can be distributed. If you do not have a fund/account, please work with the business manager of the department in which the project is associated with. Groups may use a gift fund associated with a college unit, department, program or center, with approval from the department head or business manager.

All groups are encouraged to utilize their faculty/staff advisors to help extend the communication network to others who are passionate about your project’s mission or cause.

Before submitting your project, please be prepared to answer questions related to the following:

  1. Name and Mission of Organization
  2. Project Student Leader(s) and Adviser Contact Information
  3. Name and Mission of Project
  4. Project Overview
  5. Communication Plan and Stewardship Examples

Submissions will be reviewed by the crowdfunding committee.

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